Company Profile

Most Advanced Solar Technology with Easy Financing and Subsidy

Benefits: Solarin Solar Power brings the most advanced solar technology with Easy Financing and Subsidy benefits to the consumers. Solarin Solar is the only full value chain manufacturing company for complete solar solutions in the world. Production of highest quality materials is done under strictest quality measures to give our valued consumers most efficient, reliable and sustainable solar solution that will act as a foundation of making our beloved nation a leader in solar technology.

Company Vision: Solarin Solar is R&D dominated company. R&D efforts we plan to bring most efficient renewable energy solutions for our customers in India and around the world. It is a known fact that there is infinite amount of latent energy hidden in nature. Global warming and ill effects of pollution has now forced mankind to find solutions to overcome this menace and find sustainable renewable energy clean solutions so that we can leave this planet in a better condition for our future generations. Solarin Solar is committed to work towards unfolding the latent energy for the benefit of entire human beings. For this we do our own R&D, collaborate with best Indian and International minds and companies to find solutions that will help us achieve this goal.