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Infinite amount of energy is hidden in nature. Global warming and ill effects of pollution has forced us to find sustainable renewable energy solutions that could stop pollution and reverse its ill effects. Solarin Solar is committed to using nature's infinite and convert it in usable form. Solarin is a company with R&D Focus. We bring the most efficient renewable energy products and solutions to our customers. Our R&D Team consists of some of the best Indian minds and other top international experts to develop and bring the best renewable energy solutions that are sustainable, affordable and clean. Solarin collaborates with the banks, Government agencies and regulators to make use of solar energy solutions easier, smooth and cost effective.

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SolarIn Promise

Solarin Promises to make renewable energy solutions affordable, sustainable and efficient.

Off Grid System
"SolarIn is cheaper than your regular inverter battery system"

If you currently use Inverter battery system for power back up, then you will find Solarin Smart PCU and deep cycle long life batteries cheaper than your regular inverter battery system. During days when there is no power cuts, Solarin smart PCU will bypass the grid and save your electricity bill all year round making it cheaper than regular inverter battery.

On Grid System
"Solarin on grid system is cheaper than price of grid power."

If there is no power cuts then Solarin On Grid systems will provide solutions that are cheaper than your regular grid power. Easy Financing solutions reduce the burden of initial capital.

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State of the Art Manufacturing

Solarin is R&D Focus Company. We constantly improve our product designs and update technology to improve efficiency, reduce costs and bring the most advanced solar products to our customers. For every product we use the best manufacturing facilities available in the market. We also search the best products in international markets and bring it to the market, so that our customers can have the best products that are available in the world.

Module Manufacturing

Solarin Modules manufacturing partner manufactures modules in its IEC approved facilities. With a total production capacity of over 100 MW modules are manufactured in controlled environment with best international raw materials to ensure 25 years of minimum life at 80% deliverable output at the end of 25 years.

Battery Manufacturing

Solarin battery manufacturing partner manufacture Solarin Batteries in its state of the art production facility spread over 28 acres. Production facility is of 60,000 Sq Feet in pollution controlled environment and latest machines and automatic assembly line.

Why SolarIn?

With easy financing you can pay in easy installments and the subsidy will directly be credited to your account. It easy on your pockets and part of the EMI will be paid through the savings in electricity bill. It's smart to use Solarin Solar.

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Whether you're a homeowner, business, or nonprofit, electricity costs can make up a large portion of your monthly expenses. With a Solarin solar system, you'll generate free power for your system's entire 25+ year lifecycle. Even if you don't produce 100 percent of the energy you consume, solar will reduce your utility bills and you'll still save a lot of money

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Solarin will handle your solar purchase and installation from start to finish, never contracting parts of the process to outside parties. Solarin is one-stop-shop, proud to take care of every aspect of your solar installation and sticking with you every step of the way.

In unlikely event in case you need after sales support, Solarin is one call away. We will receive your calls 24X7 and provide customer service in 98% of the time within 24 to 48 hours. Just call 8010 469 469.

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Now you can take a pride in contributing in protecting your Environment. Solar is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Buildings are responsible for significant percent of all carbon emissions, and going solar can significantly decrease that number. A typical residential solar system can eliminate three to four tons of carbon emissions each year—the equivalent of planting over 100 trees annually.

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About Solar Power

"Solar power is now becoming the dominant, global source of energy."

Governments, communities and investors are committing to renewable energy sources adnd we see a huge and growing potential. Solar power is becoming a more economical solution for all.

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