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“Solarin Supreme Solar Store” One-stop solution for all your power needs.

Come visit a Solarin Supreme Solar Store near you. You will find answers to all the questions you may have on solar solution for your home or organization. In Supreme Store you will learn how Solarin is cheaper than regular inverter battery system. If you face power cuts then our smart solar solutions and advance Solar batteries will provide a long back up. If the batteries are charged and the sun is still shining then our smart PCU will power your home and electrical appliances directly from the Solar panels bypassing the gird seamlessly, Even when there is no power cuts, then Solarin smart PCU will bypass the grid and save your electricity bill all year round.

Easy Financing and Subsidy support: With easy financing you can pay in easy installments and the subsidy will directly be credited to your account. It easy on your pockets and part of the EMI will be paid through the savings in electricity bill. It’s smart to use Solarin Solar.


Solarin Advance Solar PCU

Technology at its best, Power Plant at your command. Solarin Smart PCU has multifunction capability. It sends and receives messages quickly. It provides full system performance information to the user on their phone, display it on the inverter and also stores it on the server, which can be viewed anytime via the Internet.

Solarin Advance and Advance Hi-tech Solar Batteries

Batteries that are made to store the sun and release it when needed.Solarin Solar system performs the best when batteries that are specially deigned forthem support it.Solarin Advance and Advance Hi-tech batteries have a deep cycle high-density plate technology. It provides superior reliability and longer life.

Solarin Advance Solar PV Modules

Solarin Advance Solar PV Modules are made with the highest quality high efficiency solar cells in the state of the art production facility. Solarin High Quality modules gives you and your family maximum power and full ampere so that you may enjoy life to the fullest, watch television and your children can study even after the sun sets. More Power means more happiness to you and your family.

Advance Solar Power Plant

Solarin Advance Power plants are a new age intelligent choice for using Solar. It has many benefits over the grid and conventional inverter battery systems.
Higher Backup: Solarin Advance Solar PV Modules generate electricity, which directly goes to the AC load. It allows higher backup.
Freedom from connecting heavy load appliances: Power generated from solar modules allows usage of heavy load. It preserves battery power for use during non-sun hours.

Do you want to open a “Solarin Supreme Solar Store”
Do you have an Electric store or a White Goods store or an Inverter Battery Store? Is your store located in the main market of the town and you have a passion for solar business then you can Apply to become a new age Solar Store Toll Free 1800 121 8454